Fountain of Youth 25-00 ULTIMATE

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Fountain of Youth

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Information on the “Fountain of Youth” product


Your direct benefits, from the first cup

Compact and elegant design

Achieve savings of up to 75%

Enjoy drinking water that is consistently hot, cold, and sparkling

User-friendly operation

Certified with CE standards

Easily maintainable with an extendable filtration unit

Capable of producing up to 300 litres of pure drinking water daily

Equipped with a child safety lock for added security

Please be advised that when placing an order for theFountain of Youth water filter system, it is essential to provide the current pipe pressure. This ensures that we can tailor the water filter system precisely to your needs. Kindly specify the pipe pressure during the ordering process.

Additionally, please note that the CO2 cylinder needs to be procured separately from a specialized dealer. However, the connection material is included in the delivery package for your convenience.

★ Experience the delight of fresh, cool, hot, or sparkling water.

Indulge in the sensation of drinking a glass of freshly chilled water, a treat for all your senses. Moreover, it serves as the perfect foundation for crafting delightful cocktails; pure drinking water is essential for fruit concentrates to fully blossom and express their rich flavors.

★ Ultimate Water Dispenser

Experience the versatility of a BestWater water dispenser, combining five appliances into one convenient unit. From filtering to cooling, heating, boiling, and dispensing, it ensures access to the purest drinking water at your fingertips. Ideal for office spaces, break rooms, or homes, ensuring you always have access to the water you need.

★ Unique Water Composition Every source of drinking water, whether from the tap or elsewhere, boasts its own distinct characteristics. Tap water, regulated rigorously by your water supplier, already adheres to stringent quality standards. However, its composition may vary based on factors like regional mineral content, such as limescale levels.

Opting for the finest water ensures that your beverages reach their full potential in flavor. The Fountain of Youth 25-00 ULTIMATE, featuring reverse osmosis filtration, guarantees exceptional purity and absorbency. This makes it an optimal choice for internal cleansing.

For you and your team, embracing this premium daily liquid ensures optimal hydration and well-being.


Withdrawal types: sparkling water, hot water, cold water

Dimensions of water extraction compartment (h): 210 mm

Color: chrome, black

Liters per day: 300 litres

Dimensions (hxwxd): 1200 mm x 320 mm x 350 mm

Weight (kg): 28


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