Fountain of Youth 33-00

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Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE with 30 years warranty including insurance coverage

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Product information on “Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE with 30 years warranty, including insurance coverage”.


With the new Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE, BestWater has developed a new-generation reverse osmosis water filter.


The Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE produces up to 150 liters of the highest quality, purest drinking water per day, or 6.25 liters per hour.

At the same time, the permeate/retentate ratio is 1:2.5.

In other words, one liter of the best water is produced from three and a half liters of tap water.

A 5-litre storage tank is built in to ensure you have enough drinking water for every occasion.

All the connections are pre-installed at the bottom of the Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE so that nothing sticks out.

The quality of raw tap water varies across the country.

The Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE comes with a new pre-filter technology that allows the use of variable pre-filters.

This means that the filters can be selected individually for the respective raw water quality.

The new Fontain of Jouvence 33-00 ULTIMATE also has 3 filter elements, which are divided between the two quick-change cartridges.

★ Installation

Installing BestWater’s new reverse osmosis water filter is easier than ever.

All components and pre-filters are pre-installed and ready to use.

All you have to do is attach the pipes using the quick-fit system and the water filter is ready to use.

All connections are downward, allowing the system to be installed in any area under the sink.

At the same time, the new ULTIMATE is relatively small, with dimensions (H x W x D) of 380 mm x 270 mm x 400 mm, so it fits under the sink in even the smallest kitchen.

★ Maintenance

Maintenance is very simple – you don’t even need to remove the Fountain of Youth 33-00 ULTIMATE.

Simply turn off the water supply to the system and empty the tank using the tap.

Then you can replace the pre- and post-filters without too much effort.

The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes.


Dimensions (height x width x depth): 380 mm x 270 mm x 400 mm

Weight without water: approx. 16 kg

Minimum water flow pressure: 2.5 bar *

Maximum water flow pressure: 7.0 bar *

Water production in 24 hours: 150 l* Water production per hour: 6 liters

Water production per hour: 6.25 liters *

Water production per minute: 0.1 liters *

Pure water vs waste water ratio: 1:2.5 *

Raw water requirement per minute: approximately 0.4 l *

Cold water connection: ¾

* Consumption data may differ from the values shown depending on water pressure, water hardness, water input temperature and ambient temperature.

The above values are based on a flow pressure of 4.0 bar at the water connection.

Delivery content

– 20 µm sediment pre-filter for six-monthly replacement

– 5 m 1/4″ yellow pipe for permeate (ultra-pure water)

– 5 m 1/4″ red pipe for retentate (waste water)

– 5 m 1/ White 4″ pipe for water inlet (tap water)

– Water-Stopper with battery

– Y- distributor for connecting washing machine or dishwasher to Water-Stopper

– 3/4″ internal thread to 1/4″ pipe adaptor

– Key box

– Matt design tap with mounting kit and connection adaptor

– Clamping band

– Reduction nozzle

– Disinfectant gel and hygiene gloves

– pipe brush for designer tap

– Quick guide


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