Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile

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Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile with 30 years warranty including insurance coverage

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Product information “Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile with 30 years warranty including insurance coverage”


Never has mobility been as pivotal in our daily lives as it is today. The rapid and affordable means of travel, coupled with constant access to information via mobile internet, mobile communications, and portable workstations, epitomize this modern era.

While certain products maintain consistent quality across different locations, this uniformity is not always true for others. Water, vital for sustaining life, notably differs in quality from place to place, spanning regions, and even states, whether it’s sourced from tap or bottles.

BestWater has once again crafted an exceptional product tailored to the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle. Introducing the Mobile Fountain of Youth 55-00, a compact, lightweight, and user-friendly molecular filtration system built on reverse osmosis technology.

Designed to meet the highest standards, the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile employs only premium components, just like every other molecular filter system from BestWater.

The membrane utilized in the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile is a TFC membrane sourced from FILMTEC™, renowned as the industry leader in molecular filter membranes. With a proven track record of meeting stringent demands over the years, this membrane ensures consistent filtration performance for extended periods, unlike CTA membranes which may experience reduced filtration rates after twelve months.

Designed for convenience and portability, the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile can be utilized virtually anywhere with access to a tap and a 230 V/50 Hz electrical connection. Notably, if a tap is unavailable, no electricity is consumed, further enhancing its versatility.

The Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile boasts a remarkably sturdy construction, ensuring durability even in demanding conditions, courtesy of its rigid casing. This compact yet robust casing encapsulates the entire molecular filtration system, including the booster pump, providing stability and protection.

The versatility of the 55-00 Mobile Fountain of Youth makes it suitable for various applications, ranging from travels to remote destinations to diverse events such as sports competitions, trade shows, seminars, and training sessions. It caters to a wide array of settings including hotels, kiosks, mobile homes, and sailing boats, ensuring access to pure, fresh BestWater wherever you go.

For added convenience, the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile offers the option to connect a 5-liter storage pressure tank as an alternative to the standard tap. This allows users to store water for later use, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

Despite its compact size, the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile stands tall in the BestWater Fountain of Youth series, delivering water of exceptional quality. Just like its larger counterparts, it begins the water purification process with a pre-filtration system, ensuring optimal water quality.

This pre-filtration system features two parallel activated carbon filters composed of coconut carbon, mineral zeolite, coral sand, and silicon granules. These filters effectively remove dissolved gases such as chlorine compounds, hydrocarbons, and ammonium from the water. Additionally, two parallel sediment filters work to eliminate large particles and suspended matter, ensuring that the membrane’s fine pores remain unobstructed for optimal filtration.

In the subsequent stage, the treated water undergoes the molecular filtration process, where it is thoroughly purified through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis harnesses the natural osmotic forces of water but in reverse: by applying pressure, the water is compelled through a multi-layered fine-pore membrane. These pores are incredibly small, allowing only water molecules to permeate through them. Any larger molecules are effectively captured and retained by the membrane, boasting a rejection rate of up to 99%, and then directed towards the drain for disposal.

Following purification via reverse osmosis, the water attains a chemically pure state, yet it retains residual information about the pollutants it encountered previously. To address this, the water traverses through the “High-Performance Energization Module,” featuring twelve levels of energization, as well as the “Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy” module, before being dispensed.

This process aids in restoring the water’s original clusters, ultimately rendering it comparable in quality to water sourced from an original mountain spring.

The high-performance energy module contains the following energy levels:

✔ Biophotonic frequency 1013 Hertz

✔ Rock crystal

✔ Glass generators with information from the healing waters of Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca

✔ Stainless steel spiral for swirled water

✔ Bovis generator

✔ Zeolite mineral

✔ Frequency spectrum of sunlight (spectrum of seven colours of the rainbow)

✔ Amethyst gemstones

✔ Glass generator to relieve radioactivity

✔ Caribbean coral sand

✔ Shungite

✔ EM-X® ceramic pipes

In the final module, the “Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy,” the osmosis water under tension initially passes through a layer of silicon microcrystals. Within this phase, the water undergoes high-frequency oscillation through programmed biophotonic energy.

Furthermore, the dynamized water is gently swirled by a zeolite mineral. Encapsulated within this volcanic rock is pure crystalline water, millions of years old, imbued with invaluable information. This ancient water imparts its precious qualities to the treated water, facilitating the restoration of its original strength and vitality. The result is water that tastes akin to fresh spring water, replete with its natural essence.

The Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile is meticulously crafted for mobile applications, catering to athletes, groups, and small events alike. Whether it’s a short-term need for clean drinking water or frequent changes in location, this system offers an uncompromising solution. Unlike systems requiring a pressure tank, the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile  is swiftly deployable, ready for use within minutes, and guarantees the highest quality of drinking water, synonymous with the renowned BestWater standards.

Introducing the latest addition: the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile now comes equipped with the Water Stopper feature, which requires permanent installation, typically on the corner valve.

Dimensions of the Fountain of Youth 55-00 Mobile: 470 mm x 400 mm x 225 mm

Enjoy added peace of mind with a 30-year guarantee, complete with insurance coverage. This guarantee extends to all components of the system, except for electrical and electronic parts, the booster pump, the permeate pump, taps, hoses, seals, and other consumable parts.

Transportation-related damages are not included in the 30-year guarantee.

The warranty excludes commercial or industrial usage of the systems.

For such applications, a 24-month guarantee is provided.

Damage incurred during transportation is also not covered by the 30-year warranty.


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