Fountain of Youth 66-00

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Fountain of Youth 66-00 ULTIMATE with 30 years warranty including insurance cover

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✔ Ideal for families and multi-person households

✔ Pure drinking water produced fresh in seconds at any time

✔ More convenience and control thanks to intelligent control

✔ Space-saving and functional design

✔ Saves time and money

✔ Regardless of opening hours – you’ll never have to rush to buy water again

✔ You protect the environment by reducing packaging waste

✔ 30-years guarantee

It’s the delightful sensation of lifting a glass of refreshing water to your mouth, savoring that initial sip, and instantly recognizing the revitalizing effect it has on your body. Water stands as the quintessential thirst-quencher, embodying the essence of a mindful, health-conscious lifestyle. For those who prioritize water intake, it’s a choice with indisputable benefits, wouldn’t you agree? Though posed rhetorically, the point remains clear.

Yet, there’s little room for error. The pivotal factor lies in the water’s quality.

Any water drinker who wants to control their water is wondering which water filter they can use to ensure the greatest possible safety.

When it comes to health, wellbeing and a conscious lifestyle, many people don’t want to make any compromises.

For most people in this field, the credo applies: “Only the best for me!”

“Never change a winning team” or “Always rely on the tried and tested” are justified in some cases.

At BestWater, innovation is key. The company recognizes the shifting landscape of water contaminants, prompting continuous research and development to produce ever more effective water filters. Enter the new Fountain of jouvence 66-00 ULTIMATE, a next-generation reverse osmosis water filter. This latest model surpasses its predecessor in every aspect, offering enhanced filtration capabilities without requiring electricity, a feature shared with its predecessor.


Given the regional disparities in tap water quality nationwide, adaptability is key. The Fountain of jouvence 66-00 ULTIMATE introduces innovative pre-filter technology, enabling the utilization of variable prefilters tailored to specific water qualities. This means that filters can be hand-picked according to the unique characteristics of the raw water source.

Moreover, the new Fountain of jouvence 66-00 ULTIMATE boasts a sophisticated filtration system comprising five filter elements housed within three quick-change cartridges. Alongside cartridges crafted from polyester yarn and polypropylene foam, the system includes a block of non-impregnated activated carbon derived from coconut shells.

★ Ease of Installation

Setting up BestWater’s latest reverse osmosis water filter couldn’t be simpler. With all components and prefilters pre-installed and primed for use, the installation process is streamlined. Just connect the pipes using the quick-fit system, and the water filter is good to go. Plus, all connections are downward-facing, enabling installation in any under-sink space.

Additionally, the new ULTIMATE model boasts compact dimensions (H x W x D) of 410 mm x 310 mm x 463 mm, making it 16 litres smaller than its predecessor. This downsizing ensures compatibility with even the most diminutive kitchen spaces, fitting snugly under the sink without sacrificing functionality.

★ Maintenance

Keeping the 66-00 ULTIMATE Fountain of Youth in top condition is a breeze, requiring minimal effort. No need to dismantle the system – simply shut off the water supply and empty the tank using the tap. From there, replacing the pre- and post-filters is a straightforward task. In fact, the entire maintenance routine can be completed in just 10 minutes.


For customers requiring extra storage capacity, connecting an additional tank to the 66-00 ULTIMATE Fountain of jouvence is hassle-free. There’s no need for system modifications, as the connection is already pre-installed, ensuring seamless integration.


The latest 66-00 ULTIMATE Fountain of Youth boasts a reduction of approximately 16 liters compared to its forerunner. Presently, its dimensions stand at (H x W x D): 410 mm x 310 mm x 463 mm. This reduction translates to ample additional space beneath the sink, optimizing storage and enhancing accessibility.


Harnessing the power of the Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy module and a high-performance energization module, the 66-00 ULTIMATE Fountain of jouvence infuses pure water with revitalizing energy. Through various methods, it reinvigorates water, akin to the rejuvenating properties of an artesian mountain spring, restoring its inherent vitality.


Permeate production at 16°C and 4.0 bar: 12.5 l/h

Retentate at 16°C and 4.0 bar: 25 l/h

Permeate/retentate ratio at 16°C and 4.0 bar: 1:2

Foreign substance rejection rate: 98 – 99

Tank volume at 4.0 bar: 7.5 l

Dimensions (H x W x D): 410 mm x 310 mm x 463 mm

System volume: 52 l

Weight: 21kg

Box: powder-coated aluminum

Scope of delivery of the Fountain of Youth 66-00 ULTIMATE

– 20 µm sediment pre-filter for six-monthly replacement

– 5 m 1/4″ yellow pipe for permeate (ultra-pure water)

– 5 m 1/4″ red pipe for retentate (wastewater)

– 5 m 1/ White 4″ pipe for water inlet (tap water)

– Water Stopper with battery

– Y-distributor for connecting washing machine or dishwasher to water stopper

– 3/4″ internal thread to 1/4″ pipe adaptor

– Key box

– Matt design tap with mounting kit and connection adaptor

– Clamping collar

– Blind plug

Reduction nozzle – Flask – Current items in the range

– Disinfectant gel and hygiene gloves

– Pipe brush for designer tap

– Quick instructions


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