Fountain of Youth 66-10 DMP

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Fountain of Youth 66-10 DMP with 30-year warranty including insurance coverage

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Information on the product “Fountain of Youth 66-10 DMP with 30 years warranty including insurance coverag”


✔ Ideal for families and multi-person households

✔ Pure drinking water produced fresh in seconds at any time

✔ More convenience and control thanks to intelligent control

✔ Space-saving and functional design

✔ Saves time and money

✔ Regardless of opening hours – you’ll never have to rush to buy water again

✔ You protect the environment by reducing packaging waste

✔ 30-year warranty

BestWater has unveiled the Fountain of Youth 66-10, a groundbreaking water filtration system concept renowned for its innovation, effectiveness, and versatility. This cutting-edge generation of filtration systems operates using a PLC (programmable logic controller), providing superior convenience compared to traditional analog filtration systems.

The PLC automatically initiates rinsing of the water filter system both before and after generating pure drinking water, while also overseeing and managing filter replacements and other crucial parameters. This ensures hassle-free access to the finest quality drinking water, embodying a carefree concept for ultimate comfort. Additionally, the compact design of the Fountain of Youth 66-10 enables seamless integration into even the most modest kitchen spaces.

With dimensions comparable to just one vertical water box and boasting high production capacity at the touch of a button, this water filter presents an outstanding size-to-performance ratio while delivering top-tier drinking water quality. Equipped with two reverse osmosis membranes, the Jungbrunnen 66-10 effectively removes up to 99 percent of all foreign substances from water, a fact verified and certified by BEWAG analyses conducted with water from the Spree and model water sources.

★ ENHANCED CONVENIENCE AND VERSATILITY THROUGH SMART CONTROL The latest iteration of water filtration systems featuring PLC (programmable logic controller) technology provides unprecedented convenience and opportunities within households compared to traditional analog filtration systems. The PLC automatically initiates pre- and post-production rinsing of the water filtration system, while also overseeing and regulating filter replacements, water quality, and various other parameters. This ensures the delivery of the finest drinking water in a carefree manner, optimizing comfort and enjoyment to the fullest extent.

★ INSTANT FLOW TECHNOLOGY Experience the rejuvenating power of freshly produced, revitalized drinking water in mere seconds, eliminating the need for storage in a tank and ensuring a consistently delightful drinking experience.

★ REJUVENATING AND REVITALIZING Utilizing the Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy module alongside a high-performance energization module, our system revitalizes and energizes pure water through various methods, akin to the natural potency of an artesian mountain spring, restoring its inherent vitality.


The Fountain of Youth 66-10 boasts dimensions akin to a vertical drinks crate, made possible by its direct-flow technology which eliminates the need for an additional storage tank. Achieving a maximum production of 2,500 liters within 24 hours and maintaining a minimum output of 1.3 liters per minute, its size-to-performance ratio stands out as truly exceptional.

★ ELIMINATION OF WATER BOTTLE TRANSPORTATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Bid farewell to the cumbersome task of transporting and purchasing water bottles. Say goodbye to the hassle of returning bottle deposits. With the removal of water bottles and empties, you gain additional space while simultaneously enhancing your personal ecological footprint. By opting for this solution, you contribute to environmental preservation and reduce CO2 emissions.


Dimensions Fountain of Youth 66-10: 420 mm x 295 mm x 455 mm

(Plug-in connector included)

Weight : 29 kg

No pressure storage tank

including water plug

including booster pump

Pure water vs. waste water ratio: 1:1.2

Litres per day: 2500 L

The reverse osmosis membrane of our system is backed by an extensive 30-year guarantee, applicable for non-commercial or industrial purposes. This warranty encompasses all components of the system, with exceptions including electrical and electronic parts, the booster pump, the permeate pump, valves, hoses, seals, and other wearable parts. It’s important to note that this warranty does not extend to systems used for commercial or industrial purposes, for which a 24-month warranty is provided.

Additionally, please be aware that when ordering a Fontaine de Jouvence water filter system, it’s imperative to provide the current pipe pressure information. This ensures that we can tailor the water filtration system to your specific requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance.


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