Fountain of Youth 66-11 DMP

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Fountain of Youth 66-11DMP with 30-year warranty

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Information on the product “Fountain of Youth 66-11DMP with 30 years warranty”


Vital, dynamic drinking water.

Always, that means pure drinking water at any time of day.

Your own source of water for you and your family.

No lugging around water tanks.

You protect the environment by reducing packaging waste.

No bottle deposits and no worries about returning bottles.

30-year warranty.

Introducing the extended model of our renowned Fountain of Youth 66-10: the Fountain of Youth 66-11. This advanced water treatment system not only provides you with the purest drinking water but also caters to the needs of your washing machine and dishwasher. Equipped with a 12-litre buffer tank, this system ensures consistent water supply. For households with multiple connected appliances, we recommend opting for a larger container to serve as an intermediate reservoir, ensuring uninterrupted water flow and optimal performance.

Despite its compact size, akin to that of a vertically positioned drinks crate, our unit boasts an impressive production capacity of up to 2,500 liters of drinking water within 24 hours. This remarkable size-to-performance ratio sets it apart from competing products, which typically necessitate four to seven times more volume to achieve similar output.

The 66-11 Fountain of Youth features an integrated high-performance feed module equipped with a stainless steel spiral, meticulously crafted to infuse water with clockwise movement, alongside beneficial elements such as rock crystal, coral sand, and insights from Lourdes, Fatima, and Mecca. This unique combination ensures the production of exceptionally soft and flavorful water. Offering unparalleled versatility, no other molecular filter system rivals the myriad application options available with the 66-11 Fountain of Youth.


The latest iteration of water filtration systems featuring PLC (programmable logic controller) technology provides unprecedented convenience and opportunities within households compared to traditional analog filtration systems. The PLC automates pre- and post-production rinsing of the water filtration system, while also overseeing and regulating filter replacements, water quality, and various other parameters. This ensures the delivery of the finest drinking water in a carefree manner, optimizing comfort and enjoyment to the fullest extent.


Experience the invigorating sensation of freshly produced, revitalized drinking water within seconds of need, without the need for storage in a tank, ensuring a consistently refreshing experience.


Harnessing the power of the Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy module alongside a high-performance energization module, our system revitalizes and energizes pure water through various methods, akin to the natural potency of an artesian mountain spring, restoring its inherent vitality.


The Fountain of Youth 66-11 boasts dimensions akin to a vertical drinks crate, facilitated by direct-flow technology eliminating the need for extra storage tanks. Achieving a maximum production of 2,500 litres within 24 hours and sustaining a minimum output of 1.3 litres per minute, its size-to-performance ratio is truly exceptional.


Bid farewell to the time-consuming chore of transporting and purchasing water bottles. Say goodbye to the hassle of returning bottle deposits. With the removal of water bottles and empties, you gain additional space while simultaneously enhancing your personal ecological balance. Opting for this solution contributes to environmental preservation and reduces CO2 emissions, actively safeguarding our planet.


Dimensions Fountain of Youth 66-11: 420 mm x 295 mm x 455 mm

(plug-in connector included)

Weight: 29 kg

Dimensions stainless steel storage pressure vessel: 385 mm x 280 mm

Pressure storage tank : 12 l

including water plug

including booster pump

Liters per day: 2500 l

Pure water to waste water ratio: 1:1.2

Extractor tap: stainless steel

Fountain of Youth 66-11 with 30-year warranty.

including insurance cover

The reverse osmosis membrane is backed by an impressive 30-year guarantee for non-commercial or industrial use, covering all components of the system except electrical and electronic parts, the booster pump, the permeate pump, valves, hoses, seals, and other wearable parts.

The warranty is not applicable for commercial or industrial usage of the systems; instead, a 24-month warranty is provided for such applications. Additionally, it’s important to note that when ordering a Fountain of Youth water filter system, knowledge of the current pipe pressure is essential. This information must be specified during the ordering process to ensure the delivery of the water filtration system that best suits your needs.


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