Fountain of Youth 66-12 with insurance cover

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Fountain of Youth 66-12 with insurance cover

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Please be aware that when placing an order for a Fountain of Youth water filter system, it’s crucial to provide the current pipe pressure information. This ensures that we can tailor the water filter system to your specific requirements and send you the most suitable product.Additionally, we offer a specialized version of the 66-11 model designed specifically for the catering sector, known as the Fountain of Youth 66-12.This water treatment system ensures that your guests are provided with the purest drinking water. Additionally, if refreshing, sparkling drinking water is desired, an external sparkling water desalinator can be connected (sparkling water desalinator not included). The system includes a 12-litre buffer container, and for installations with multiple appliances connected, we recommend using a larger container as an intermediate buffer. Despite its robust capabilities, the appliance is compact, measuring only the size of an upright drinks crate.

With a capability of producing up to 2,500 liters of potable water within a 24-hour period, this system boasts an exceptional size-to-performance ratio. Compared to rival products, which often necessitate four to seven times the volume, it stands out significantly. Additionally, an included high-performance power supply module can be installed upstream of the extraction point for added convenience. The high-performance feed module, featuring a stainless-steel spiral for clockwise water flow, along with elements such as rock crystal, coral sand, and insights from Lourdes, Fatima, and Mecca, ensures the water is not only soft but also delicious. The Fountain of Youth 66-12 sets itself apart in the catering sector with its unparalleled versatility, offering a broad spectrum of applications unmatched by any other molecular filtration system.


Dimensions of the Fountain of Youth 66-12 (height x width x depth including holder): 420 mm x 295 mm x 455 mm

Weight: 29 kg



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