Mat design faucet

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Mat design faucet

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Product information “Design-mat withdrawal faucet”

Designer – withdrawal faucet (stainless steel) for Fontaine of Youth systems 66-00, 33-00, 22-00

This austenitic steel is not actually magnetic.

Although chromium-nickel steels have an austenitic structure, magnetisation can occur as a result of cold rolling/hardening.

This is why some AISI 304 / EN 1.4301 stainless steel faucets are magnetic, even though untreated chromium-nickel steel is not magnetic to begin with.


Material: WNr.

1.4306 (X2CrNi19-11), AISI 304L, stainless steel

Colour: grey, white

Weight: less than 1 kg

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