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We offer the latest technology to produce pure and highly resilient water, free from all natural and artificial impurities.
Particularity: this technology based on the principle of reverse osmosis for water purification – which removes even radioactivity –is combined with the principle of water energization.

Energization, means that, as nature tells us, that water naturally flows over rocks and waterfalls, absorbing energy, and information that it returns to us as we drink.

Thanks to the latest scientific discoveries, we have restored these properties to purified water. Thus, we have renewable, bioavailable water with luminous information and water whose energy is close to cellular energy. It contains the vibration of polarized energy, magnetic energy, and electrical energy.

BestWater produces the water health system independently of third-party interests. This means that the most recent and innovative concepts in water purification and energization will be implemented in due time.

How does BestWater bring
its products to people?

BestWater adopts a marketing technique that is consistent with the nature of person-to-person conversation and advice. Thus, BestWater offers many people the opportunity to maintain a meaningful and fulfilling existence with financial prosperity through the advice and sale of this high-quality product.

BestWater does not feel bound or affiliated with any religion or party. On the contrary, it is committed to respecting universal values and valuing life and people. The development of personality and character traits such as truthfulness, courage, thirst for knowledge, tolerance, integrity, and the desire to be a successful individual are encouraged.

Important information :

What should be considered when purchasing a reverse osmosis system ?
When purchasing a reverse osmosis system, you should consider the following points:

All the materials … There is a lot of science behind the raw materials and their composition that we cover from time to time on our website and blog. Feel free to check them out !

At Best Water, we provide a 30-year warranty on our systems. We don’t just talk about quality, we live it because your health and trust are our primary goals.

The company has over 25 years of experience in the German market and is present in over 60 countries.

Each part of our systems is assigned an internal part number, ensuring that in the unlikely event of a failure, a spare part will be available. This practice has been in place for over 35 years.

Since each system is custom-made for you in Germany, you can expect approximately 6 to 8 weeks between the time you place your order and the time the system is installed and ready to use.

It is simply not possible to create a coherent and perfect molecular filtering structure for so little money, as it requires a very thorough approach in terms of machinery to create such filters and membranes. However, we believe that spending 120,000 TND on a car seems acceptable to most people but spending 25,000 TND for the health and well-being of an entire family is, in comparison, a very low cost.

BestWater offers a 30-year warranty on its machines – the longest in the entire water filtration market. However, we do not include a warranty for electronic and wear parts unless the defect occurred during the manufacturing process.

Please read the description of the reverse osmosis system that interests you. We have measured our systems with absolute precision, so you can be 100% sure about the compatibility of the system with your designated area.

Every customer who purchases a system from us receives first-class service. Once your filtration system has arrived, our service and installation team will contact you to schedule an appointment to install the system in your home. This way, you can simply place your order and fully enjoy this excellent investment for your health.

Financing, checks, cash, bank transfer (advance payment), 50% payment in advance and 50% upon arrival, online payment…

This is very common and misleading information on a global scale. The simplest way to check it is to ask you to search on Google for the recommended dose of each mineral listed on the sticker of your water bottle. You will be very surprised because you usually must drink an excessive amount of water per day (20 liters or more) to reach the recommended daily dose of minerals. Since it is practically impossible to cover all minerals, it is recommended to opt for high-quality dietary supplements to ensure optimal intake for your body.


Important information

Que faut-il considérer lors de l’achat d’un système d’osmose ?

There are many places where you can buy a reverse osmosis system, but can all sellers guarantee their products? That’s why at BestWater, we offer a 30-year warranty on our systems. We don’t just talk about quality, we live it, because your health and trust are our goal.