Why Us ?

Best Water est pleinement conscient de l’importance de la qualité de l’eau pour la vie de l’humanité. Surtout dans les centres urbains de la civilisation, où les gens sont éloignés de la force et de la pureté de la nature, BestWater veut se consacrer à l’homme par conviction intérieure.

About us

For over 35 years, we have been an international supplier of reverse osmosis systems. We are committed to ongoing research in collaboration with our professors and engineers to find more efficient ways of water purification. We also develop systems tailored to the specific needs of other countries that often require customized solutions. . Setting ourselves apart from competitors, all our systems are certified by reputable institutes in Germany, as well as government authorities, ensuring our customers the best possible experience and an investment in their health.

BestWater’s mission is to provide water free from the accumulated damages caused by pollution. To this end, we have deeply studied nature and imitated as much as possible the way the planet has intended water to be since ancient times.
BestWater acknowledges the economic challenges surrounding access to purified water and advocates for its equitable distribution worldwide, in accordance with the UN.

We support environmentalists, organizations, and individuals, rejecting the monopolization of water resources by globally renowned companies seeking to privatize water sources.

We are always seeking advice on the latest scientific discoveries regarding water purification, especially in Tunisia. Feel free to share your most recent research with us via email : info@bestwater.tn
BestWater respects the medical community and encourages efforts to provide purified water for optimal patient care and the longevity of medical equipment. It also encourages to further research the effects of reverse osmosis water and energized water on the human body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has been a pioneer in the field of water reenergization and has published numerous research papers. Science and spirituality should no longer mutually exclude each other, especially with respect to water.

Product quality information

We offer the latest technology to produce pure, high-strength water .

Best water or BestWater ?

Water plays an important role in our daily lives, whether as a refreshing beverage, during daily tooth brushing, while cooking food, or during showering and cleaning. Drinking water is as important as breathing air. It’s always available – at any time of the day or night and in a sufficient quantity.

The only remaining question concerns its quality. It is no coincidence that cleaning glasses without leaving streaks is a real puzzle or that we have dry hair despite diligent care.

Your specialist in pure and clean drinking water

BestWater has been conducting research and developing water filters for over 35 years. Thanks to innovative systems and medical-grade materials, BestWater reverse osmosis water filters are highly effective. These filters, packaged in a remarkably compact design, offer high cleaning performance, large-scale water production, and low wastewater volume.

The Direct-Flow technology enables the production of sufficient amounts of drinking water at any time. We meticulously select materials to produce our water filters that comply with regulations regarding medical tools and do not release any substances into the water. Our reverse osmosis water filters are manufactured in Germany and hold the mark Made in Germany.

We invest in the future.

One of Best Water’s key areas of focus is research and development (R&D). The Federal Republic of Germany is the European champion in these areas and once again solidifies its reputation as a country of inventors and engineers. As part of the inauguration of the Beelitz factory, a large R&D department equipped with a modern laboratory has been set up to stay up to date. At BestWater, new knowledge is acquired through research, which is put into practice during development processes. Not only does BestWater develop its own products, but it also conducts research on the materials used and their manufacturing processes. In addition to targeted applied research, the engineering and scientific team also works in the field of fundamental research.

Another area of expertise is product design. This form of design is less about the implementation of new findings and more about the design of products by combining known design principles and materials. With the new and large research department,

BestWater increases its versatility. With innovation as the goal, new ideas, procedures, and individual materials are specifically researched and developed. Engineers and scientists start with the exploration and analysis of a goal, followed by the research and evaluation of ideas, the development and construction and the preparation for production and sales. They then finish with the launch of a process and technology developed by an entrepreneur. In an ever-increasing quest for innovation,

BestWater relies on its technological innovations as a means of competitive differentiation. New technologies are introduced into products to provide new functions or new production technologies are applied to enhance manufacturing processes and production methods. A key area of BestWater’s technological management is the early identification of modern and advanced technologies, and then making them available to the company and integrating them into existing product solutions.

Other BestWater inventions include :

  • Integration of powerful motors or pumps into compact molecular filters.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to optimal design..
  •  Low heat and noise generation.

Made in Germany

BestWater’s location in Germany enjoys an excellent reputation. “Made in Germany” is a label of a high level of brand awareness, which is synonymous with great engineering skills, highly developed technologies, innovation, high-quality production, and, above all, good product quality.
Moreover, this term, a quality label, represents attributes such as reliability, punctuality, discipline, a dedicated team and well-trained specialists. Companies, employees, customers, and consumers benefit from this quality label.
Made in Germany as a symbol of the company’s philosophy.

BestWater deliberately chose Germany as the country for its new factory in Beelitz and relocated its production and manufacturing.
BestWater is aware of the importance and responsibility associated with the label “Made in Germany”. BestWater offers reliable products and services that customers can rely on the fact that the company provides reliability in all areas, drawing from a rich history while remaining dedicated to shaping a promising future.

Clients Feedback

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    Reiner L
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    Thomas Hoffmann
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