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“BestWater makes the difference. This is not my first reverse osmosis water filter, but it’s the best one to date !

I’ve been filtering tap water through reverse osmosis for 10 years, but no other water filter offers as many advantages as the 66-11 water filter.

The ability to use water for my household appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, oven, and my Laurastar has made me realize what truly pure water means.

Here’s an approximate overview of what is eliminated when using water from the BestWater system :

Comparison before and after:

Washing machine:

5 x laundry detergent packs per year – Now 1 1/2 pack per year

15 x fabric softener – Now no fabric softener

8 x limescale cleaning tablets – Now without tablets


10 x cleaning bags – Now 3 cleaning bags

4 bottles of rinse aid – Now any

5 kg of salt – Now any


6 x filter cartridges per year at €29– Now no filter


4 descaling sessions per year – Now more

Iron system :

2 x cleaner descaling at €44 per year – Now no descaling

The dirty kettle and calcified coffee machine are also no longer available.

Of course, I also use the purified water for cooking and drinking, and I can’t imagine being without it ever again.”