Best Air Ultra

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Best Air Ultra

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Information on “BestAir Ultra” product

Advantages of Best Air Ultra

Multi-stage filtration technology for clean air

3 ventilation levels and sleep/night function


UV light + photocatalytic filter element

Formaldehyde filtration

Antibacterial nanosilver

Remote control

Elimination of air pollutants

High airflow

Functional and elegant design

Automatic operation, stand-by function and timer

Air quality indicator, filter change indicator


Rated voltage 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power 50 W

Air flow 280 000 l/h

Timer (hours) 1-8

Noise level 55 dB (A)

Dimensions (W*H*D) 350 x 640 x 190 mm

Weight 6.8 kg

Designed for living spaces, recommended up to 55 m².

Additional information

Colour: Black


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